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What was your favorite book as child?
I didn't have a favourite book, in fact I can remember anyone ever reading me a story. I think I read my first book when I was about 14. Sad really, reading is such a necessary part of life and a part ...
Describe the games you played as a child?
The most favorite game i remember was playing jump board.This is a game i made(invented)with a log and a big long wooden board,it was a thick board.I took the board and put it across the log.Me and my ...
Tell us about your favorite television shows as a child?
I loved Superman with George Reeves, and then I moved onto shows like The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone and then Star Treck. All ground breaking shows in thier time. Then as my sense of humour began ...
If you have been or are in love describe the moment you realized.
I think the moment i knew i was in love was when we were getting married 6 years ago on September 22,2001, but it wasn't love at first sight or anything like that it still taking its place for it to b ...
Are there any songs that bring back special memories for you?
Oh yes a lot.I Love music,i think for every song there is a memory for me.Take it to the limit,Spirit in the sky,Me a you and a dog named Boo,only sixteen,crimson in clover,Look heart no hands,Lady do ...