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What were you like as a child?
Sometimes depressed and scared. But when I was with my mom and dad and brothers I was happy. Lots of good memorys of my parents when I was growing up. Just had one dark person in my life I wish I didn ...
Describe the place where you grew up.
I grew up on a 500 acre farm in rural Bourbon County, it was beautiful. This was a cattle farm, we have a few pigs too but mostly cattle. We lived in the "tenent" house, there were 3 bedrooms, living ...
Describe your first job.
My first job was multimedia programmer, it's actually fun and a very busy job, because we did advertisement and kiosk. My first kiosk I've developed was the "World Bank Kiosk", It's cool and beautifu ...
What image do you have in your head about where your parents came from.
Mother was born in 1919 and her mother pas away in 1923 mother was born in Peoria ILL but went to live with her Uncle and Aunt in Havana ILL. Daddy i think was born in Chicago or Havana ILL in 1914 th ...
Describe a special time or event that you spent with your father.
Dad coached my softball team for years, and it was really a special time for us...ANY alone time with dad was kind-of rare, due to the fact that he worked swing shift at the coal mine. So the fact th ...