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Describe your first bicycle and how you came to get it.
My grandfather bought me the first bicycle that I really remember. He bought it from the Sears Roebuck catalog and the first time I ever rode it was in a vacant lot that was being built into a carwas ...
What makes you happy?
Seeing my brothers in church and asking for help! Also to see them succed in life. I have a dog I get her as a puppy and watching her grow up is something that I enjoy because I can't watch mine grow ...
Tell us about your first day of school.
I cannot remember the exact date anymore since I was still 5 years old at that time.Of course I was so young, shy and quite intimidared by my teachers and older classmates.Everything was new bein ...
If you are in love, how did you meet this person?
i met her when i was a stock boy at a clothes store...and i felt this feeling in my heart and for some reason i knew i had to meet her because there was something different from all the other girls... ...
If you are in love, how did you meet this person?
Louis! I met him, in passing, in middle school. It wasn't until high school that we began to talk and become friends though. We had JROTC and Marksmanship together. We also shared our algebra teacher ...