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Tell us about the day you moved away from home.
bloody fab :) even tho i was given 2 days to find somewhere to live as my mum and her husband ben was moving to cornwall and i wasnt to go with them so i got a bed sit with my best friend debbie rawli ...
Tell us about your first REAL holiday.
My family took a train from San Francisco to Cincinnati. It was winter. I got to see snow for the first time, and yes freeze my tongue to the window. Grand Central in Chicago was enormous, we had t ...
Describe a special time or event that you spent with your father.
Thats when I first felt that I have lost everything in life but then it was in 2003 that things started to change.I was granted a wish by Baba and in 2005 June I deceided to completely change and star ...
Describe your first job.
My very first jod was at a little modeling ageny. I had to answer phone and schedule appointments in the begining. Then I started teaching the beginers runway modeling class. But eventually I was doin ...
Tell us how you fell in love for the first time.
I met a nice guy who I had a lot of fun with. We were very good friends which is the best way to fall in love with someone. We went to school together and my friend passed him over to me after finding ...