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Tell us about your first day of school.
On the first day of school i wasnt scared because my sister told me about school and it seemed like alot of fun. I went to a private school so there was only 5 kids in my class. I got along with just ...
Tell us about the day your first child was born.
the day my first child was born, i was so excited, id been trying for a baby for yrs. i was took into hospital with pains ect, 20 or so hrs later i was given a cs, when i woke they told me she never ...
If you have been or are in love describe the moment you realized.
Its so hard to put into words the feelings you have when you are in love with someone ,....I think it has to be when Trish and i split up i cried every time she wasnt with me always thinking about her ...
Tell us about your first day of school.
first day of scool is difficult to remember,but one lasting memory that I do have of school in the early days is how ill i felt after the reccess break,the government of the time provided primary scho ...
Describe your first bicycle and how you came to get it.
When i was sit in the seat and then paddling, it starts running but i don't had fully control on it and also didn't control on brakes and suddenly a running child came in front of it and hit him, then ...