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What happened at your high-school graduation?
Well I didn't get to walk across stage. High school was a very hectic time for me, I started out my high school career having just been diagnosed with Diabetes and PCOS. I was very sick and at the doc ...
As a child everyone has been a brat at sometime or other, describe your best brat time. day a bunch of us kids was playing on bikes. And I had a pick on tim and one day he was coming down the road on his bike and of course I got in his way, he ran me and my bike ove ...
Describe the place where you grew up.
I grew up in a nice warm house with some relatives living with us. I had my own bedroom in which if the bed was made no one could sit on it. We got in trouble for doing that. It had a nice back yard t ...
Tell us about the day your first child was born.
Matthew was born in the afternoon, after a 10 hour managed labor. I had developed pregnancy induced hypertension and was on bed rest. Labor was induced and augmented. I don't remember things very clea ...
What was your first date like?
My very first real date was when my parents sent me on a double date with my tiwn Janice they hooked me up with a friend of Jan's boy friend I sat on my side of the car he touche ...