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Are there any songs that bring back special memories for you?
its not really any song its more of a mixed tape from about 7 years ago. my dad, my sister, my cousin and i went on a trip to queensland whilst my mum stayed home with my little sister and this one ta ...
Can you recall a time when you got into trouble as a child?
As I recall, I was just a kind and behave type of child until a cousin/neighbor of mine bullied me and we started grabbing each other's hair and scratching each other's arms. I was provoked and I coul ...
Describe your first job.
I worked on a farm for my family for years. My first actual public job was at Humana filing claims. My area was down in the basement with no windows! I only worked four hours a day and made like $4.50 ...
If you are in love, how did you meet this person?
I was but not anymore, she left me because my sister was against us together, well I defended us but she had little faith. Any way we met in high school and became friends until we developed a closer ...
If you are married, describe your wedding day.
Westwood Reformed Church. Steve Smallegan was the officiating pastor. It was on a windy day on Saturday, April 23, 1994. But the wedding was inside the church. Our reception was at the Disabled Americ ...