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How did your family celebrate holidays?
My father had a Volkswagen Kombi and a big Jurgens Caravan which we took on a three to four week long trips through the country. And always ended up by the sea where we camped for a week or 2. It was ...
As a small child did you have a favorite toy or blanket? If so, describe it's importance.
I had a awesome rope swing hanging from a huge tree on the side of a creek about seven feet high. I used to swing around the tree real wide or just go straigt out and see how high i could get. It was ...
Tell us about the day you and your best friend in school got into big trouble.
Man... this question assumes that I had a best friend... I am sure like all kids at different stages I did have a best friend or two.... I just can't remember them, let alone remember when we got into ...
Describe your favorite teacher in school.
the one with thick eyeglasses and a red lipstick in her lips..she is a monster teacher at the class but very friendly outside the campus and she became my favorite teacher that was madaam degolation. ...
Describe your first cinema experience.
My mother a devout christian, gave in to me and my sister and agreed to take us to the Cinema, in Acocks Green villiage, we went to see 'The Cat from Outta Space'. I was more chuffed that we were out ...