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What were your favorite toys?
Homemade paper dolls that I designed the clothes myself. My "Betsy Wetsy" and "Tiny Tears". We were poor and only other little girls had the newest dolls. So, when I did get one, I treasured it, an ...
If you play team sports, tell us about the first time you scored in a match or game?
well, I was in 5th grade and the first sport played was basketball. I scored in our first game with a block shot. I was so ecstatic that I forgot to run back on defense. my coach pulled me out and le ...
Describe your favorite teacher in school.
My favorite teacher in school was my 10th grade Government teacher. His name was Mr. Fair, he was only my teacher for the first three quaters of the year because he got offered a job as the principal ...
How many vehicles have you owned in your lifetime? Describe them.
The first car that I owned was a Datsun 1200 which was blue in color. That car frequently broke down, and at the most annoying moments. The next car was also a Datsun (a later model). That car was bro ...
Describe your first crush on the opposite sex.
2nd grade...steve tacheny...he had just moved here from Missouri or somewhere south...that was the beginning of my attraction to those not from "here". Everyone in my whole family knew about it and i ...