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Describe the most loving moment or event that you shared with your mother.
I'm sure there were alot when I was a child, I just can't remember them. When I had my son, I finally understood how my mother felt about me, and that made me closer to her than I had ever been befor ...
Describe your first cinema experience.
i was at the drive inn theater with my sister betty and her husban cliff, and my sister went in to labor with my niece sarah imogene...we were watching the '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' ...
Relate a story you have been told about something funny you did as a baby or toddler.
my mum told me when i was 15 months old she heard me wake in my cot as i was'nt crying she left me because i was quite happy gurgeling to myself she had walked in to check me 5 mins later to find i ha ...
Describe your first job.
I worked on a farm for my family for years. My first actual public job was at Humana filing claims. My area was down in the basement with no windows! I only worked four hours a day and made like $4.50 ...
What was it like driving your first car for the first time?
My dad taught me to drive. I was fourteen years old. I "helped" drive when we moved from Texas to Ohio. Thank goodness, my parents had strong hearts! I didn't scare them to death, which could have hap ...