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What was it like driving your first car for the first time?
A 1942 Austin 8 convertible, Ex WD, Registration Number FLA 1 bought for £25 from a garage in Paignton. Wonderful car, wonderful times. Unfortunately wrote it off after a night out in Dartmouth and f ...
Tell us how you fell in love for the first time.
I met this young man at a group home where we lived. He gave me my first kiss while The House of The rising Sun was playing. We were at a party (I think Halloween) and was standing by the garage, wh ...
What is your happiest memory as a child?
when i was 5 or 6 my dad was in the navy and he would go away for a long long time well thats what i felt like at the time and when i was told he is home today i would stand on a rocking chair that h ...
Describe your first job.
I have had so many jobs, that its hard to remember the exact first one, I think it was babysitting for a neighbor. I did that the most from when I was 13 on and used my own money to join a book club t ...
What was your first date like?
i wasn't very popular with the girls in primary school and then i went to an all boys high school so no luck there either i guess i was about 17 before i went on an actual date although i had a few se ...