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If someone close to you has died, describe the moment you found out.
Bill had been very ill. Nonetheless, we continued to pray for him and to hold out hope. That Monday morning, I got a call from my rabbi on his cell phone. He said, "I don't know if you heard the news. ...
Describe your first crush on the opposite sex.
the first crush that i remember was when i was in year 3. it was on a boy called wayne stafford, he was also my first boyfriend. it was wonderful. they say you never forget your first kiss, and i have ...
What is your earliest memory as a child?
Falling over and grazing my nose at Nottingham Castle when I was 2. I also remember being at my grandma's for Christmas when I was four. My cousin, John, cut his finger, playing with the razor my Dad ...
Are there any songs that bring back special memories for you?
"Our Wedding Day," by the BEE GEES was the song I picked when my husband, Joey and I were married April 20, 2001, as I was walking down the symbolic aisle, we were actually married outside. The day ...
Describe a special time or event that you spent with your father.
After my brother died Christmas Day 1935, I became my Dad's "Fiddlin' Boy". I played the violin, as much as an 8-year-old plays. But Dad let me spend time with him in his shop. While other little girl ...