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Describe the best birthday you ever had.
I would say the best birthday I ever had was when I turned 5. My family and I lived in Wisconsin and the people at the skating rink my dad worked at gave me a cool jacket and we went to Chuck E Chee ...
Describe your childhood home.
It was i guess i tri-level home. it was a 2 story, but the kitchen, dining room and living room was on 1 level and you walked down a few stairs and then you were in the den and Mom and Dads bedroom an ...
Describe your favorite childhood toy.
I have a stuffed tiger cat, I had my parents look for it and they looked all around the house. I went to a closet and I knew where it was all the time. I was about 2 /12 to 3 years old. Mom tells me ...
If you were ever lost as a child tell us about the circumstances and how you felt.
yeah out shopping with my mum , her boyfriend at the time I was just looking for her then I thought she was playing trick's on me then when it kicked in that she lost me I started balling my eyes ou ...
Describe your first bicycle and how you came to get it.
my first bike was a bmx....i always wanted a bmx i was so happy 2 be getting one...only when my da brought it home i was gutted 2 find it had a rear peddle backbrake... which was just no good for wat ...