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What is your earliest memory as a child?
My mother putting me over the fence as she got ready for work. I wanted to go play in the backyard at my friend's house, and our yards were separated by a fence. She lifted me over, and there it was. ...
If someone close to you has died, describe the moment you found out.
My Father died on June 14th2006 I was the one who found him in bed. He was bearly breathing and wouldn't respond. I tried to get him to respond several times. When the ambelance arrived they couldn't ...
If someone close to you has died, describe the moment you found out.
It was my grandmother. And she had a long battle with diabetes. And she had been in the hospital for awhile by then. And we were all going about our business my sister was in her room watching tv. And ...
Tell us about your first day of school.
I was somewhat of a shy child (later grew out of it somewhat).. I remember my mother walking me to my class. I did cry when she left. I didnt talk to many of the kids. But as the day progressed I did ...
As a child everyone has been a brat at sometime or other, describe your best brat time.
oh easy , when i was about 5 my mum wouldnt let me get my hair cut so one day when we were at my nans, i pulled the scissors out of the draw and cut some of my hair just so i could get a hair cut whil ...