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Describe a special time or event that you spent with your father.
Mom says when I was very small the three of us went to department store and I went into the store, and when we came out I was crying uncontrolablty. My daddy asked why I was crying and Mommy said bec ...
Describe your first bicycle and how you came to get it.
My first bike was a christmas present from my parents. It was pastel pink and very similar to my younger sisters, she also received a bike that same christmas. It had tassles out either handle bar and ...
What is your earliest memory as a child?
Walking past the bank when i was 3 and wondering what it was like to suck my thumb so i turned towards the bank so tha mum wouldnt see me do it but she saw my reflection in the window and told me off. ...
Describe the best birthday you ever had.
Well, I would have to say that one of the greatest birthdays ever was my SWEET!16 . I did a lot that year. I shopped with like $200 on my actual Birthday. Then I did backstage work for a play and took ...
Do you remember your first day of school or have you been told stories about it? Describe it.
I can remember Mum taking me in to my classroom. We were in a hut at the bottom of the playground near the playing fields. I wasn't particularly phased by the whole thing but other children were. ...