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As a child everyone has been a brat at sometime or other, describe your best brat time.
My aunt had told me about herself, sayng she had to be dignified, as she was too large to be cute. I internalized that and tried to be dignified as well. As the oldest child I needed to be a helper, n ...
Tell us about the day you moved away from home.
Left home to do my compulsury military traing which commenced in Pretoria. A culture shock I must add... Very different experience from what I was accustomed to at Boarding School. A huge culture shoc ...
Have you ever been a volunteer for a charity, church, non-profit organization etc? What work did you do?
I volunteer at the Epworth Old Rectory. It's the birth place of John Wesley who started Methodism. My job is to guide people around the house. I'm doing this mainly because I needed something to put i ...
Tell us about circumstances of your first kiss.
My first kiss (other than preschool-by-the-sandbox kind of kiss) was with my then and now best friend Keith. This was in sixth grade after school one day. I was supposed to be checking in to day car ...
Tell us about your most frightening experience.
I have felt most frightened when I felt all alone in the world. I had had a confrontation with a loved one. One of my own who I love dearly and deeply. I felt so hurt, so furious, so misunderstood. I ...