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What were your favorite toys?
I only remember a doll-Nina and a teddy bear. I have them both although they are very sadly missing parts. I loved horses from the time I can remember and even as an 8 year old would walk miles to rid ...
If you went to college/university what was the first day like?
My first day at college my parents helped me move into the dorm room. My roommate was much later at moving in, long after my parents left. Those few hours until she and her mother arrived, were the ...
What is your earliest memory as a child?
wen i was bout 2 years old n i was downstairs in tha livin room n my mum n dad wer in bed n i lifted a "tina turner" video n pulled alllll tha brown tape outa it n it was allll liein round me n my dad ...
What makes you happy?
The things in life that make me happy are my kids. I also like to read and sometimes write small stories to my kids about the silly things I did growing up. I could probably write a small book on bein ...
If you are married, describe your wedding day.
It was in Woodleaf, NC at South River United Methodist Church. My dad was actually the preacher and also gave me away. It was small but sweet. About 55 people as guests. Some ladies from the church ma ...