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What did you do for fun as a child?
We played in the dirt! My brother had quite a few of these small little metal cars that you got years ago, and we built clay roads, houses, and farms. That kept us busy, day after day, friends includ ...
Tell us about your first day of school.
My sister was supposed to watch me and walk me into my classroom but she took off with her friends. The bell rang and she forgot about me...I was too shy to go into the school so I hid behind some bu ...
Describe your most exhilarating sporting achievement.
Scoring two centuries at cricket during my Sydney City and Suburban crickiting days in the 1970's.More recently in 2006 scoring 43 not out (including a six off the fast bowler straight over his head i ...
How did your family celebrate holidays?
Well there are lots of places, where we go for holidays. If we were in Karachi the best place is grand parents home. either it is my father's parents or my mother's. All were excellent and loving. ...
Describe the place where you grew up.
It was a great house on 3506 Halifax Drive in Arlington, Texas. Just down the street from a wonderful park with a rec center, pool, and tennis courts. Our neighborhood was very lush and wooded...and ...