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Describe your first crush on the opposite sex.
the first crush that i remember was when i was in year 3. it was on a boy called wayne stafford, he was also my first boyfriend. it was wonderful. they say you never forget your first kiss, and i have ...
Are there any songs that bring back special memories for you?
Doris Day- Kay sara sara (not spelt like that but sound same) Dr Hook Sexy Eyes reminds me of my mother who used to sing "Sixty nine' instead of sexy eyes. In Dublin Fair City where the girls are so ...
If you are married, describe your wedding day.
Quando cheguei na porta da igreja e vi toda aquela gente me olhando... disse baixinho pro meu pai: "Pra quê que eu fui inventar isso; pai!?" Foi muito assustador ver todas aquelas pessoas de pé me olh ...
Every child has heroes, tell us about yours?
hehehe you sure? okay well I had seen this documentary on "Elisabeth Bathory: The Real Countess Dracula" ...I loved it! I loved her! Although I would NEVER do anything like that! I could imagine coul ...
Describe a special time or event that you spent with your father.
Thats when I first felt that I have lost everything in life but then it was in 2003 that things started to change.I was granted a wish by Baba and in 2005 June I deceided to completely change and star ...