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What’s the biggest compliment you ever received?
Oh, my biggest compliment did not come until I was an adult! Someone told me how special I was to them. That person told me how beautiful I was to them. It does'nt mean a lot to most people, but it ...
Tell us about your first day of school.
first day of scool is difficult to remember,but one lasting memory that I do have of school in the early days is how ill i felt after the reccess break,the government of the time provided primary scho ...
Describe the games you played as a child?
I played a cricket lot and video games as well like Street Fighter, Snow Bros......... when i played video games i never had an idea of time but the time was running very quickly even if 2 hours were ...
Describe your first cinema experience.
Well, I can't remember what was playing, but the venue is quite vivid. Mom or Aunt Charlotte would drop us off in front of the old Glendale theater ( 50cents at the time). If we were feeling really ...
As a small child did you have a favorite toy or blanket? If so, describe it's importance.
i had a pillow which was really thin its the same size with other regular pillows but the difference was, as i said it was thin.. it was my loving pillow as they used to say, as i cannot sleep at nigh ...