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Tell us about circumstances of your first kiss.
It was with a guy named Kabir and we kissed in a stairwell at Durbar Hotel in Kaduna, Nigeria. It was a first kiss for both of us. Hahahah - wasn't too bad for a first time. Unfortunately he left to C ...
Do you read magazines? Write about your favorite magazines.
My favorites have always been The Reader's Digest and The National Geographic. The Reader's Digest because it always has articles for all ages and interests. I always found quite a few articles in i ...
If you went to college/university what was the first day like?
I didn't get the opportunity to go to College or Uni in the traditional sense. I went to a technical college after I got out of the Army and the first day wasn't the problem is was more like the first ...
Describe your favorite childhood toy.
Toys, toys, toys….love ‘em. The hula-hoop was a craze and I enjoyed mine. I couldn’t do the tricks many kids could, but I could keep it on my waist. I spent plenty of time with my jump rope. I was ...
Tell us about the day your first child was born.
It was stinking hot outside and I was in labour for 7 hours and half way through I wanted to go home and sit with my cat but eventually Geoffrey came into the world and what a difference he made to ou ...